About Us Company Profile

Founded by Mr. F. B. Pinto & Richard D'souza in the year 1972 for manufacture and delivery of effective engineering products. The company was taken over by our current CEO Mr. Dylan D’Souza in the year 2000 after the sad demise of Mr. Pinto. From there on the company started actively focus on manufacturing of products for the low voltage panel building industry, as the country was witnessing a boom in development across various sectors flucon also witnessed a phenomenal growth in sales, thereby also undergoing a transformation on its manufacturing and space requirements. For catering to the growing demand flucon accessed funds from investors and once again had a change in its constitution and share holding pattern and was renamed as Flu-con Components Pvt Ltd in the year 2010.

  • Flu-con today is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company, involved in thermosetting & thermoforming of industrial polymers, plastic extrusion, SMC, DMC, bakelite mouldings, tool mould design and development.
  • In-house pad printing and marking facilities on products is also available.
  • We Manufacture polyamide cable ties, corrugated flexible polyamide conduits, conduit adaptors and accessories, Flexible PP conduits and adaptors. Flexible cable glands, plastic bushes for grinding wheels, Dust caps for pneumatics and hydraulic industry, polycarbonate meter windows, meter housings, derlin collar bushes, PA 6 & 6/6 housings for pneumatic industry, copper bus bar insulators, insulated copper comb buss bars, panel door knobs, hinges, handles, Panel air ventilators, pneumatic connectors, brass / copper / steel insert moulded components, brass neutral links & bases.SMC, DMC, Polyamide neutral link bases.
  • We do thermoforming in plastics like acrylic, Perspex, polycarbonate, peek, pen etc. as per our customer requirements.

Year of Establishment: Flu-con Components Pvt Ltd. 2010